Tuesday, 16 December 2014

December beauty favourites...

Philosophy lip gloss and bubble bath gift set. 
price: £18.99
available from here.
I was sent this gorgeous peppermint gift set from Philosophy. Even at Christmas I still prefer pink and peach lip colours, I just don't feel red suits me, so this was perfect. It smells amazing and the packaging is so cute. It also comes with a bottle of peppermint 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, the perfect Christmas scent, it smells absolutely amazing. I love the festive description on the packing.
sheer blonde
John Frieda Sheer Blonde lightening Spray
price: £6.99
available from here
As a blonde, it's so frustrating to find, keep and maintain the perfect shade, personally I can't stand brassy, orange tones or 'a solid colour look' I prefer multinational shades of blonde. I wish I'd found this product sooner, I love it. Every now and again I spray this onto damp, freshly washed hair and blow dry. It lightens (a lot) and adds highlights, so quick and easy, really impressed with this product.
rimmel precious stones
Rimmel Precious stones Ruby Crush nail polish
price: £3.99
available from here
As I mentioned above, I don't feel confident rocking a bold red lip, even at Christmas... So, I let my nails do the talking. I know, I know, glitter polish is a pain in the backside to remove, but it sure does look pretty whilst it's on. Besides, tis the season to sparkle, right? What do you think?
crest white strips
Crest 3D white strips
price: varies
available from here
I bought these from, eBay. I bought them before but for some reason never finished the whole pack. My teeth aren't stained or particularly yellow in colour, luckily… I don't know how due to the amount of coke and 'dark' drinks I consume on a daily basis oh and chocolate lol. I think it's just the 'shade' of my teeth, and good brushing using whitening tooth pastes in the past etc. The darker your teeth the more you will need to use to 'whiten' and 'lighten' them… I did want them a little whiter, and no toothpaste has the effect that these do. Seriously even after 2 strips I notice a huge difference, even my mum commented on how white my teeth were looking. I love them.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A little Christmas giveaway...

christmas giveaway box
christmas giveaway 3christmas giveaway 2
I thought I'd do a little festive giveaway, I wanted to keep it as Christmas themed as possible...

What's inside:
1 x festive dairy milk bar
1x Yankee candle 
1x tea pigs spiced winter tea pack
1 x women's (one size fits all) Christmas socks 
1x Kinder mini mix chocolate house
1x aromatherapy The Star bath and shower oil
1 x NARS duo eyeshadow in Silk Road
1 x philosophy mini hope in a jar moisturiser
1 x philosophy purity 3-in-1 cleanser.

How to enter:
Giveaway is open world-wide. The winner will be announced via twitter and this blog post on the 26th December 2014. The Box will be posted Next day, recorded delivery on the 27th December. A little something to open and enjoy after all of your christmas goodies and presents.
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Friday, 12 December 2014

Life lately through my iPhone…

1. I rearranged my room (again) I'm always de-cluttering and thought Christmas was a good time, I've put my little tree up and it's starting to feel really festive.

2. I've learnt Oscar's and Christmas trees do not mix, he keeps trying to eat the baubles and run off with the christmas tree fairy lights, such a little pest. I can never stay angry at him for too long though.

3. This turned up yesterday, an amazing package from soap and glory containing The Next Big Thing, a gift set containing 10 of their full sized products, worth £75 down to £29 available from Boots online and in-store today! 

4. Burgers Tom and I had in Jesmond at the fat Hippo, so bad but so good, i just wish they did sweet potato fries, they are my guilty pleasure. I could eat them by the bucket load, seriously.

5. A sweet christmas package from Benefit, containing christmas tea pigs, a little benefit stocking, and other festive goodies.

6. Krispy Kreme Christmas themed donuts, I couldn't resist buying the big share box for everyone, they were so, so good. The strawberry glazed donut, and the Oreo chocolate donut are my favourites.

7. Forever burning cute scented candles, I loveeee soft blanket from Yankee Candle, I've just ordered a huge jar off eBay.

8. My attempt at making a 'Lord of the rings' theme birthday cake for Tom, I made bag end or tried too haha. Along with some chocolate cupcakes, for good measure. You can never have enough cake right?

9. Speaking of Lord of the rings, we went to see The Hobbit, last night at midnight. We paid extra for large arm chair style seats, and we had unlimited Nacho's, popcorn, drinks and quality street all for £19.00 so good, considering usual ticket prices are around £10.00 and we scoffed our way through three boxes of popcorn and 2 bowls of nachos.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

christmas tree
Now that there's a little tree in every window, I'm doing the big tree at the weekend. I love seeing all the trees in peoples windows driving home, or the fairy lights they have hanging from their house, and all the pretty wreaths on their front doors. We're even forecast snow here on Friday, it's so cold!
bunny slippersx
The fleecy PJ's are out again (best decision ever) and I bought these fleece lined bunny slippers from Tesco, aren't they cute? They even have a little pom pom 'tail' on the back of the slipper. They're certainly keeping my feet toasty. What do you think? I also need to hurry up and buy my Christmas Eve pyjamas, December is going by so fast this year, I can't keep up! You can find the rabbit slippers here.
snowman christmas lights
How adorable are these 'The Snowman' lights?! So sweet, I can't decide where to hang them just yet… probably because there's fairy lights here, there and everywhere in my house at the moment. P.S You can find the snowman string lights available to buy from here incase you're interested.
Along with tea light holders and scented candles galore. I'm putting my Yankee Advent calendar tea lights to good use, my favourite so far is sugared apple and christmas cookie. Are you feeling christmas-y yet? I love seeing every ones beautifully decorated trees on instagram and twitter. Not long until the big day now, I need to finish off my gift shopping and start wrapping asap.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

What's on my iPad mini?

ipad mini becky milk bubble tea x
I've been using my iPad mini a lot more recently, so I thought I'd share my favourite apps with you. I love how it's the perfect in-between size, bigger than my phone, smaller (and lot lighter) than my macbook. Aside from the obvious apps, such as instagram, twitter, and bloglovin.. I've been loving these apps…

1.Cream and Sugar. Price: free
This app has in app purchases available but lots of cute photo editing freebies to keep you going, such as fonts, backgrounds, cute stickers, and pretty borders galore. I always have way too much fun with this app.

2. Etsy Price: free
I love this quirky website full of home made, hand crafted goods. I like that you can save your favourites whilst scrolling through, this is a great website / app for original gift ideas.

3. Woman's Calendar Price: free
This is an app to keep track of your period, ovulation and weight etc. It's clear, pretty and simple to use, you can also track symptoms such as acne, a pain scale etc. I find it really helpful.

4. IBooks Price: free
I absolutely love iBooks, I'm always on my iPad and it's never far from my side so I always have a book handy as well as all of my social media apps and games etc. I love that you can download a substantial sample before deciding whether to purchase the book or not.

5. Calc pets HD Price: free
So this is a novelty calculator app, it's cute but it works. If you can make something cuter, why not? You can choose from an array of cute puppy, kitten and bunny themes. I obviously chose the dachshund.

6. Do! Price: free
A simple, easy to use list making app. I like how you can actually scribble a line through as you make your way down the list.

7. Candy crush Soda saga price: free
The new Candy crush game, I'm so addicted to this. I love and hate it at the same time. I've turned into that person on your Facebook friends list, asking you to send me lives to fuel my candy crushing addiction.

8. iDream price: free
I love this app, I am always having weird unusual dreams, so it's fun to scroll through this app and see what they might mean.

9. Frankie Magazine
It's so handy to be able to buy and read magazines without having to nip to the shop. Flicking through the pages almost feels like a real magazine despite it being on an iPad.

So these are my recent favourite iPad mini app picks, what do you think? Let me know yours in the comments, if there's any apps you think I am missing out on!

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