Sunday, 19 April 2015

10 basic blogger photography tips.

I wanted to write a post on some simple tips and tricks for blogger photography. I'm writing an in depth post on how I specifically edit my photos, which I will publish soon. In the mean time here are some little tips I use on a daily basis. I really hope some of you will find them useful :)
becky milk bubble te
1. You don't *need* to buy expensive lighting equipment. Use natural light take your photos by a large window or an open door. Sometimes indoor lighting such as lamps and overhead lights can give your photos an orange tinge, add a blue tint to this to correct the colours or remove 'warmth' to reduce the orange, yellow tinge.

 2. Use blue tack to stop beauty products rolling around all over the place whilst you photograph them. Especially mascara and lipsticks!

 3. If you want a quick, clean, non cluttered white background / backdrop for your photos use a large piece of matte white card. No room tidying required.

 4. Experiment a little... take photos from different perspectives like shots from above and below, not just at eye level. Flat lay is also popular at the moment, lay the products out flat then take the shot from above.

 5. You don't need expensive editing software. There's free photo editors online (like pixlr) to sharpen, brighten your photos and much much more. There's also lots of free apps in the App Store for taking photos on your mobile .

 6. It's worth investing in a tripod, and a wireless remote they aren't overly expensive (find them on eBay and Amazon) these will make your life a bit easier and it's a lot safer than balancing your camera on a pile of books, trust me.

 7. Use candles, pillows, blankets, throws, a tester piece of white wood from B&Q for £2.00 to use as props and inexpensive backdrops to make your photos more interesting... Yep. Tester wood.

 8. Always have more than one memory card on you...just incase the one your using corrupts. If you're taking a lot of important photos maybe keep switching them over so if one corrupts you won't lose *everything*

 9. Photography magazines are so useful to read and I think they're really worth buying...They have tons of tutorials and tips and tricks which are easy to follow and fun to read if you want to learn a little more about your DSLR

 10. Practice makes perfect! You don't have to own a DSLR. Mobile phone cameras are amazing these days. Experiment, with apps and filters maybe keep a photo journal or do a monthly challenge to inspire you.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My little Chloe and sparkles from Swarovski

How sweet are these limited edition My little Chloe perfumes. These dinky, dainty 20ml mini perfumes are the perfect size for popping in your handbag this summer. There's three scents available to buy... the original Chloe scent, Chloe Roses de Chloe, and a L'Eau de Chloe.  I love mini products for trying a product out before you decide whether to purchase something full size or not. What do you think?
roses de chloe The original signature chloe scent has notes of honey, rose and lychee it's really classic and easy to wear. Chloe roses de Chloe, has a hint of rose, magnolia and white musk (my favourite of the trio) I've totally fallen in love with this gorgeous scent and will be purchasing a much larger bottle. If you want a fresher version of the original Chloe scent L'Eau de chloe is for you. As always the packaging is classic, timeless, chic and looks lovely on any dressing table. All 3 are available from Debenhams*
Swarovski are currently offering a fab gift, a set of 3 Ciate nail polishes when you spend over £100 from the 13th to the 26th of April. I absolutely love the rose gold style bracelet it's so feminine and dainty, it matches the colour of my watch perfectly. The ciate shades are perfect for summer too...
The nail polish shades included in the set are angels wings (such a cute name!) a white shimmer polish, I actually have nothing like this in my collection so that's always a bonus! Much better than buying doubles…oops. Spinning tea cup is a gorgeous lavender, I love wearing pastel nails all year round so this will come in handy. The last shade in the set is apple and custard a juicy apple green. 
I can't wait to show you these gorgeous rings properly in an upcoming outfit post (yes really) as these pictures don't do them justice whatsoever... They are so sparkly!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Win an instant camera from Lomography worth £129

When Lomography asked if I'd live to run a giveaway for my readers to win an instant camera on my blog, I couldn't say no! I know how much you all love snapping away, and these instant camera seem really popular at the moment, I figured it would be a great giveaway prize! It's worth £129.00 it takes fuji instax mini film and has built in flash along with adjustable aperture and multiple exposure button. The camera comes with three different lenses and a spritzer so you can get some really amazing, unique effects on your photos if you wish! I think it's so cool to have your photos there and then, in an instant.
It also comes with a fish eye lens, a portrait lens and a close up lens...If you'd like to enter you can do so below! This giveaway isn't sponsored, it will run for 2 weeks and then I'll pass on your details to the Lomography team who will then send out this amazing camera to you. I must admit I'm a little jealous… but I do enjoy doing giveaways every now and again, as a little thank you for all of you who take the time to read my blog, each time I post and leave such lovely comments for me to read.

Leave me a comment with your email and why you'd like to win this camera, I will announce the winner of the competition via twitter and here on this blog post in two weeks time... good luck :)
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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Blooming lovely

There's nothing I love more than fresh flowers dotted around the house, especially during the spring, so when Debenhams offered to send me a bouquet to review, I couldn't refuse. The flowers came beautifully wrapped in cellophane and a lovely bow. I think the lilac roses are stunning and I can't wait for the lilies to open. Debenhams are kindly offering my readers 25% off a bouquet, so why not treat a friend, your mum or even yourself! The code is DFBLOG25 you can check out there Spring flowers here :)
I know some people think candles are more of an autumn / winter thing but I burn them all year round. I just prefer more sweeter scents in the spring such as fruity or floral. I was hoping to get my paws on an Easter bunny themed Yankee candle but we couldn't see any in the shop (booo) So I bought summer scoop instead. It smells of raspberries and strawberry ice cream, I will definitely be buying this in a bigger jar, you can check out this scent here if you like, what other sweet, summer, fruity scents would you recommend I try next? Let me know in the comments! 
Does anyone else 'save' their perfume? I received this in a gift set for Christmas but I've saved it until spring to use it. I'm such a perfume hoarder, especially if the bottle is pretty which lets face it Marc Jacobs never lets you down on the packaging front. I love spritzing this now spring is here, it's the perfect light, floral, musky scent. My all time favourite has to be Daisy So Fresh. I just wish it lasted a tad longer! What are your spring / summer perfume picks?

Friday, 3 April 2015

20 random facts about me.

I wanted to do a fun, slightly more personal than usual post. I love reading these tags about other bloggers or people in general. So here's 20 pretty random yet light hearted facts about me. If you've done one of these please link it in the comments for me to check out or leave a random fact about yourself. This was actually a little bit harder to do than I thought it would be! My mind just went totally blank at first, who knew it would be difficult to list random things about yourself. Here's what I came up with...
pamper night milkbubbletea blog

1. I'm a total water baby and I would live in the bath if I could but I can't bear it when my hands go 'pruney' it drives me insane. I learnt recently that, it's our bodies way of giving us better grip in water, but I still hate the feeling, almost as bad as cotton wool *shudders*

2. I'm not a fan of hot drinks at all! I don't drink tea or coffee, just the odd hot chocolate with tons of cream and marshmallows. 

3. I walk around on my tiptoes and have done since I was little, I don't know why. 

4. Dogs > everything. I love all animals, I have three dogs but I'd have thirty (thousand) if it was possible. 

5. I also had two rabbits when I was younger. This was because I was obsessed with the book 'Watership Down' so I wanted to save all of the rabbits. They were such lovely rabbits and I loved seeing them pop up amongst the flowers in the garden. 

6. I love classic dad style TV! I remember Sunday nights sat with my dad before school watching nature documentaries, only fools and horses and last of the summer wine. 

7. Some of my favourite series to watch aka binge on Netflix are parks and recreation, pretty little liars, lost, the U.S. office, breaking bad and homeland.

8. My pick n mix consists of giant strawbs, pink mice, non fizzy cola bottles and jazzies.

9. Ryan Gosling is a total dreamboat and my 'celebrity crush' if I had to choose one. Im also a fan of Richard Gere and ... Kevin Spacey. Don't judge me, okay.

10. I'm a total morning person, I can jump out of bed so easily. I also fall asleep the second my head touches the pillow. It's uncanny.

11. My shoe size is a 2, yes really. Shoe shopping is awful because they always, always slip off. Insoles really are my best friend.

12. I have never broken a bone in my body *touches wood*

13. A few of my favourite bands are sufjan stevens, bon iver and james bay (currently) but I also love a good sing along to some 80's classics.

14. I do not like the dark at all. Sometimes I even still sleep with a light on!

15. I love pastels when it comes to interiors along with white furniture and fairy lights, they just make me happy. I adore shabby chic interior design. As you probably already know if you have visited my blog before.

16.  Moths and wasps terrify me, even just the sight or sound of them creep me out. I will run a mile if I see one! Windows open in the night during summer = a nightmare.

17. I have a total sweet tooth... doughnuts, cakes, chocolate. I absolutely love desserts and can always make room for them after a meal.

18. I was so scared of the film ET as a child and maybe even a little bit now... He just creeped me out!

19. I have dyed my hair black, lilac, red and pink (much to my dads horror). I'm a natural blonde, my hair was so white as a baby and still goes really light in the summer.

20. I am just under 5ft. I love being short but it means clothes shopping can be frustrating. Shout out to River Island and their extra short jean length. What a lifesaver.

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