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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My top 5 summer beauty tips and tricks.

Now that summer has seriously arrived. (It reached 28 degrees up here in the North yesterday!) I wanted to blog about some of my summer beauty tips and tricks and share them with you guys. Aside from the obvious of being sensible in the sun and applying SPF, of course...

naked 3 palette milk bubble tea
1. Place fragranced body mists and body sprays in the fridge to keep them cold. That way when you spray them you feel refreshed and cool as well as smelling good. Bonus. Nail polishes also apply better when they are cold, so they can be stored in the fridge too. A few Victoria's Secret sprays and Essie polishes next to my milk...

2. I love the beach but hate the sand, it gets everywhere. Your shoes, feet, the car on the journey home. Baby powder / talc is a godsend. Simply sprinkle it over your legs / feet / anywhere there's unwanted pesky sand, and it will absorb it and you can simply brush it off. 

3. Avoid the dreaded fake tan disasters. Aka the false tan hands. If I remember to do so...I exfoliate the palm of my hands with a gentle scrub and rinse them under warm water, right after I false tan (even if I use a mit) however baking soda and warm water will also remove those dreaded fake tan patches. We've all been there. 

4. If you do overdo it in the sun, soothe your sunburn by adding aloe Vera gel in a ice cube tray. Then gently rub the ice cubes over the sunburn to cool it, ease the pain and reduce redness. I have a feeling these are a godsend... A lot better than a bottle of luke warm after sun lotion that's for sure. 

5. Sweat proof your make up. Use a primer underneath your foundation,  apply waterproof mascara to avoid it smudgig and causing panda eyes, setting sprays and powders will make sure your foundation stays put and help to reduce any shine. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Recent snapshots from my iPhone.

sunday snapshots life

1. A few of my favourite products recently, including Chanel lipsticks, Topshop nail polishes, Nars all about eve eyeshadow duo, A lovely matte bronzer from The Body shop and cute sticky notes.

2. Is there anything better than laying in bed, having a lazy morning, laughing and watching Netflix? Maybe waffles or pancakes (with Nutella obviously) could make it that tiny bit better!

3. I have been loving Shy Beam mini from Benefit. It's a matte highlighter. If you also look like an oil slick, then you'll know that highlighters can often make us look more shiny, not quite the glow we were after. However this matte liquid highlighter is perfect, I get a lovely glow which doesn't look greasy or shiny. I can't wait to purchase the full size product. 

4. I have been pinning away like crazy on Pinterest at the moment, I love swooning over dreamy interiors. I spend hours pinning it's seriously addictive, oops. You can follow me on Pinterest - milkbubbletea

5. My new notebook I blogged about earlier in the week. Ah I love writing on the pages for the first time. My handwriting gets noticeably scruffier towards the end of the notebook, funny that.

6. Instagram-ing a lovely bunch of flowers, what you didn't see is that seconds after the photo was taken, Oscar jumped up and bit some of the stems off! He's such a little diva.

7. This was taken when Tom and I took Oscar to the park. It has been quite a while since we took him , as I'm usually at Tom's so we don't often visit my local park! He loves looking out of the car window and barking at every single person we pass :) yes, even babies.

8. More beautiful blooms, I'm trying to inject a bit of colour to my house and my photographs! It is summer after all! I hope the sunshine sticks around, it's been so lovely.

9. A lovely hot chocolate and a cappuccino, after a lovely meal at a pub nearby.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! I think we're going to see Knock Knock or the new Minions film at the cinema, we can't decide yet! Before a Sunday dinner, obviously. Be sure to follow my instagram snaps here!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

My Gratitude list - 20 things I am thankful for.

mums birthday flowers

Terrible times and events like this really hit home, life is short and unpredictable it is important to be kind, enjoy moments and be grateful for what we have. Here's 20 things that I'm thankful for both big and small

1. The love and support of family and friends, the fact that they are always there for me no matter what. Family is Family and I am lucky to have one.

2. My little dachshund, Oscar. The way he comes bounding over to me with his ears flapping away every single morning showering my with licks kisses. Oscar cuddles in general are just the best.

3. Tom, a million and one reasons. I'm thankful for all of the amazing memories we've created so far.

4. Seasons, I love light, sunny spring mornings, but I also love winter, with it's frost, cosy nights and seeing houses and trees decorated in fairy lights.

5. Fresh sheets, is there really anything better than climbing into a freshly made bed, after a relaxing bubble bath? I think not.

6. Chocolate. Yep, I went there. Happy cows Milka, Dairy milk of any kind even a bit of Galaxy. I'm not fussy. Sometimes a girl just needs to eat a bar of chocolate, okay?

7. The sense of smell. Books, fresh bread, your mum's perfume... petrol (I know, I know.) I love being able to smell all these things and how they can instantly take you back to a place in time. 

8. My health. After recently having my smear results back as normal, that was a huge lift off of my shoulders. I also had a mole removed and was told it was thankfully benign. Never take good health for granted.

9. The little things. Holding Toms hand, good morning texts, good night kisses. Small surprises ...Just because. The little things always do mean the most.

10. The excitement of Christmas. I love it, more each year. It always brings me so much happiness.

11. My lovely home. Having a safe roof over my head, because its more than some people have.

12. Hot water. The ability to have endless bubble baths, due to being a total water baby. Lucky.

13. You. I don't know if i say it often enough but, you guys. I'm so thankful that people read and take the time to comment on my blog. It means the world.

14. Diet coke. I know, I know. It's 'bad' for you. I am cutting down but sometimes nothing goes down better on a hot day than a large class of diet coke with lots of ice and lemon. There I said it.

15. Laughter. Laughter is an amazing thing. It can make you feel happy in an instant. Thanks to my boyfriend and the cast of The Office and Parks and Recreation for filling my days with laughter.

16. Sweet potatoes. Yes, I am thankful for sweet potatoes. Whether they come in fry form or potato. Both are incredible.

17. Chris Pratt, no further comment needed.

18. Each new day. It's easy to forget sometimes, when we're so lucky to wake up each day, to a brand new day just how lucky we are to be able to do that.

19. Blogging. I am thankful for blogging and bloggers, the lovely girls and the community. I'm not saying it's all perfect and rainbows, I see drama in my timeline every now and again but last night I saw a lot of people supporting each other and wanting to do good in bad of a awful situation.

20. For being here. Just to say I'm here, we're not invincible, these things can and could happen to you, even though you always think 'that won't ever happen to me' So it reminds me to be kind, make a little more effort, enjoy the moment a little bit more and be thankful for the small stuff.

What's on your Gratitude list?

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